Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC): Where science meets industry

Skretting ARC's ultimate goal is to see research implemented into innovative and sustainable solutions for the aquaculture industry, whether in the form of products, methodologies or manufacturing improvements. We are also committed to cultivating close relationships with academic and industrial partners, to be one of the best places to work for world-class researchers and to drive Skretting’s innovation agenda.

Skretting ARC was established in 1989, and supports feed activities for a large number of species on five continents.

Skretting ARC infographic
Skretting health team

Our people

Our diverse, highly skilled team represents almost 30 nationalities. Their expertise spans the full range of scientific and commercial know-how needed to understand our industry. They work in close collaboration with global networks across Skretting and external partners to deliver meaningful innovations that meet customer needs and contribute to a more sustainable aquaculture industry.

Core competences


Our health specialists have backgrounds in biochemistry, microbiology, -omics, pharmacy, genetics, and histology. They investigate the utilisation of new functional ingredients and methodologies to advance fish and shrimp well-being, with a focus on prevention and an integrated approach to health management. They also support the industry to develop strategies to combat global health challenges such as AMR through education and practical solutions for customers.


Our nutrition experts work to continuously improve our understanding of fish and shrimp physiology and how feed intake and gut functionality can be optimised. We are constantly testing raw materials to establish nutritional value and functionality during the production process, as well as addressing potential risks with regards to food safety, food quality, and sustainability. Our teams work closely with customers and industry partners to understand evolving customer needs, uncover emerging market trends and opportunities, stay ahead of regulatory developments, and ensure that our products deliver sustainable growth to both Skretting and our customers.

Feed production

Our feed production researchers develop technologies and new methodologies aimed at further increasing the efficiency and quality of our formulations while also delivering a more sustainable supply chain. Our team also works to document best practices and train global colleagues to ensure consistently high-quality production. Close connections to the Skretting Global Operations team ensure maximum applicability for our business.