Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement is the key starting point for a company, not only in terms of its sustainability reporting cycle, but also as a means to connect to its business strategy and demonstrate how a company is responsive to the legitimate needs and concerns of its key stakeholders. Stakeholder engagement is a key component that drives sustainability within Skretting.

Together with our parent company Nutreco, we are involved in a number of multi-stakeholder initiatives to improve sustainability in aquaculture. 

Therese and UN goals

Partnerships for the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Given the scale of the sustainability challenges facing the world, it is impossible to achieve progress in isolation. This can only be achieved if partnerships are formed between all segments of society including business, government, NGOs and communities. Collaboration is part of our company values at Skretting and Nutreco and this can be seen through our long-term involvement in external partnerships and multistakeholder platforms.

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AquaVision is about bringing leaders together to share experience and bring to life a shared vision of a world with sufficient good quality protein to support the growing population. The world has the resources and technology to eradicate hunger and ensure long-term food security for all, despite many challenges and risks.

Meeting the challenge of feeding the world of 2050 in a sustainable way will require coordinated contributions from many stakeholders. Academics, aquaculture and agribusiness, food manufacturers, retailers, non-governmental organisations, environmental groups, regulators and politicians will need to work much closer together to identify, facilitate and implement the most productive practices, breeds and varieties. AquaVision brings together these stakeholders to reflect upon the changing business environment and highlight examples of entrepreneurial innovation within our field. AquaVision has been arranged since 1996.

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