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At Skretting, we believe in power of collective efforts to create positive change. We're dedicated to creating a lasting impact on the communities we serve. Explore our social and community initiative that exemplify our values and aspirations.

Coastal Cleanup

Every year, we organize and participate in Coastal Cleanup events in both Vancouver and St. Andrews, bringing together our dedicated team to make a lasting impact on the cleanliness and health of our shores. Our Coastal Cleanup initiative is driven by our mission to protect and conserve the delicate ecosystems that thrive along our coastlines. We understand that the well-being of our marine life and the overall environmental health is deeply intertwined with the cleanliness of our beaches and waters.

Skretting Indigenous Scholarship Program

The SKIA (Skretting Indigenous Aquaculture Scholarship) program not only represents a significant milestone for Skretting but also serves as a powerful catalyst for indigenous youth pursuing careers in this vital industry. Through this new program, Skretting hopes to continue supporting sustainable industry growth, to benefit Canada’s domestic food production and the self-sufficiency of First Nations farming communities.

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Supporting Hunger Relief

Skretting North America recognizes that our local food banks are an essential support system for those most vulnerable in our communities. Each year in collaboration with our dedicated staff we raise as much money as we can to support this important cause.

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