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Skretting has consistently developed innovative products and solutions that, over time, have evolved into production standards. Skretting feeds wholly meet the nutritional requirements of fish and shrimp throughout their lifecycle. Below, you can find a selection of our product portfolio.

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Water treatment

AquaCare 3D

It is a Multipurpose product for cleaning and disinfectant of water, equipment and facilities. It takes a broad spectrum disinfectant action against bacteria, virus and fungi


AquaCare Probiotic is our latest water bioremediation product designed to support the farmer by controlling and improving water quality.

AquaCare Mineral Balance

AquaCare Mineral Balance is the latest product in Skretting’s water care portfolio. The mineral mix aims to support fish and shrimp adapt to changing environmental conditions in pond water.


Relaxx is a unique combination of natural ingredients designed to improve the disease  resistance of young and adult animals, helping them to overcome stress challenges that may  occur during the culture cycle. 


Santron is a synergistic blend of target release butyrate, short and medium chain fatty acids, slow release C12 and phenolic compound that enhances the gut health to improve performance and profitability of farms.

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