• Lower cost feed for Trout

The name has changed but the diet hasn’t. Tried and proven, Classic Trout is the new name for Extruded Trout, which has been available for many years. Classic Trout is formulated with the same protein and oil specifications as Extruded Trout and is still available in both floating and sinking formulations.

The floating pellets are available in 40 lb. bags & 2000 lb. bulk bags, and the sinking pellets are available in 50 lb. bags & 2200 lb. bulk bags

  • A low-energy diet for moderate or controlled growth
  • Nothing changes except the name
  • Constant protein and oil content in all sizes
  • Your dependable low-cost feed option

Small volume orders (<10 bags) can be placed online. Click here to go to our web-shop

Rainbow trout