• Provides excellent Growth and FCR
  • Medium Energy Diet for Trout and Steelhead
  • Protein and Fat content change through pellet size to match needs of fish

Oncor is a medium-energy, floating or sinking diet suitable for both trout and steelhead. Oncor is specifically designed to match the digestible protein requirements of trout and steelhead as they grow. Protein content decreases and oil content increases as pellet size increases, resulting in a diet that provides for excellent growth and FCR.

Oncor utilizes the latest MicroBalance™ concept to allow maximum flexibility in raw material source and provides the most sustainable and economic feed solution available today. MicroBalance™ means that essential micro-nutrients found in fishmeal can now be sourced from alternative raw materials, thus reducing the requirement for fishmeal without impacting fish performance or health.

  • A medium-energy diet for excellent growth and FCR
  • MicroBalance™ for the most sustainable and economic feed available
  • The floating pellets are available in 40 lb. bags & 2000 lb. bulk bags, and the sinking pellets are available in 50 lb. bags & 2200 lb. bulk bags
Rainbow trout