• Medium energy diet for warm water species such as Largemouth Bass and Barramundi
  • Higher energy content and digestibility for increased growth and lower FCRs
  • Starch levels meet nutritional needs without negatively affecting species like Largemouth Bass

Nova OP is a medium-energy, floating feed formulated specifically for warm water species such as largemouth bass. Nova OP utilizes a wide range of protein sources combined to ensure the correct mix of essential amino acids. Carbohydrate levels are also carefully monitored and controlled. As small fish have a higher requirement for protein, the protein content is highest in the smaller pellet sizes. Oil content also increases in larger pellet sizes to maintain the digestibe energy content and help achieve low FCRs.

  • Excellent growth and FCR performance
  • Ideal for largemouth bass
  • Nova OP is a floating diet, for a sinking version please choose Nova ME
  • Nova OP is available in a 40 lb. bag or 2000 lb. bulk bag
  • Barramundi lifecycle
  • Barramundi lifecycle
  • Barramundi lifecycle