Nutra Supreme for Atlantic Salmon


  • Prepares smolt for saltwater
  • Improves the fish immune system
  • Increases antioxidative capacity

Nutra Supreme is one of our most advanced salmonid transfer diets. Supreme diets are based on an improved understanding of the smoltification process which allows us to provide the correct nutrients at the right times. Nutra Supreme primes your smolt in freshwater, preparing them for life in saltwater. Following Nutra Supreme with Spirit Supreme reduces the number of days for smolt to reach 100% feeding compared to smolt fed on regular transfer diets. The early and stronger feed intake post transfer is reflected in improved growth, which is compounded throughout the grow-out cycle, resulting in larger fish at harvest.

Feed Nutra Supreme for 5 to 6 weeks in freshwater prior to saltwater transfer.

Nutra Supreme is made as an RC diet

Atlantic salmon
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