• Increased digestible energy content
  • Improved growth and FCR
  • Microbalanced, a more sustainable feed

Growth of Atlantic Salmon is first governed by protein content and thereafter by energy. Once the protein requirement of the fish is met, research has shown that increasing the digestible energy content will result in increased growth and decreased FCRs. Optiline Plus contains higher digestible energy content compared with Optiline MB. The Plus diets also have an increased digestible protein level to ensure that even the smallest fish in your cage are getting the protein that they need. When you want fast growth, Optiline Plus is your best option.

Optiline Plus utilises the latest MicroBalance™ concept to allow maximum flexibility in raw material source and provides the most sustainable and economic feed solution available today. MicroBalance™ utilises a detailed knowledge of micronutrients and how they interact in the fish. By balancing the micronutrients in feed, we are able to introduce a raw material flexibility never seen before. At the same time feed performance, fish welfare, and fillet quality are maintained at optimal levels. This is known as MicroBalance™.

*Only available in Canada West

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