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Skretting has consistently developed innovative products and solutions that, over time, have evolved into production standards. Skretting feeds wholly meet the nutritional requirements of fish and shrimp throughout their lifecycle. Below, you can find a selection of our global product portfolio.

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Rainbow trout

Elite FR

Complete extruded feed for Trout

Elite FR is formulated for producers requiring a lower energy feed but which will still deliver a good all-round performance and economic result. Elite FR is formulated using a mixture of fish oil and vegetable oil which makes a more sustainable


Complete Organic extruded feed for Salmonids

Emerald is designed to ensure optimal growth of Salmonids thanks to adapted proteins and digestible energy levels. High quality raw materials, carefully selected and strictly controlled, provide essential nutrients for the crucial early stage of the growth.


A high-energy feed for excellent economy and reduced waste

Horizon provides Trout farmers with excellent growth rates and FCR's at a cost effective price. The formulation has been carefully constructed in order to reduce the production of solid wastes to the minimum compatible with the energy content of this feed. Special attention has been paid to the types and levels of vegetable proteins used which have been referenced to Skretting ARC's huge database of feed ingredients.

Nutra Sprint for trout

Nutra Sprint has a unique combination of ingredients specifically tailored for complete organ development, promoting a progressive feeding behaviour for growth and development, while taking care of your farming system.

Optiline for Rainbow Trout

Complete extruded feed for Trout

The Optiline range integrates all of the nutritional solutions resulting from Skretting's research at our Aquaculture Research Center in Norway.

Developed from raw materials selected according to our strict quality and safety criterias, and produced according to a controlled manufacturing process, the Optiline range offers all the necessary guarantees for aquaculture production.


An ultra high performance, highly sustainable Trout feed

Platinum delivers excellent growth rates and FCR's at a very cost-effective price.
When raw material prices are volatile, the ability to draw from as large a 'basket' as possible is an advantage and will produce additional feed price stability. Platinum uses the widest possible basket of raw materials, including land animal proteins and vegetable oils. This allows the feed to reduce dependence upon marine ingredients without compromising performance

Protec for rainbow trout

Protec is a holistic functional diet targeting numerous organs and functions. We descripe the effect within three different areas; Shield, Support and Balance. 

Standard Expanded

Fully floating on-growing feed for Trout

Standard Expanded is a specialised feed which has been formulated for Trout farms operating under more extensive conditions. Standard Expanded should be considered when a fully-floating diet is required to suit the more extensive rearing
conditions found at many Brown Trout farms, or fisheries where feed is broadcast over a wide area. In addition, Standard Expanded may be used by Rainbow Trout farmers where a lower rate of growth is required for management reasons.

Ultima HS

An ultra high-performance feed for Trout

Ultima HS is ideal for 'fast-track' feeding of Trout and is designed for farmers looking for the very best growth rates and the lowest food conversion ratios. Ultima HS makes full use of technology allowing for a low dependency on marine ingredients, delivering a more sustainable feed.

Vitalis for rainbow trout

Broodstock nutrition has a profound influence on the quantity, quality and performance of the offspring. Vitalis provides the ultimate package, containing the complete balance of essential nutrients to ensure optimal sperm and egg development while providing sufficient energy to aid transition from endogenous to exogenous feeding in the larvae.

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