• Improved performance
  • Reliable quality of the dry feed
  • Released staff time for fish production compared to live feed
  • Greater production consistency & growth rates
  • More vigorous fry
  • Reduced risk of introducing pathogenic bacteria & viruses to the rearing system
A complete range of micro diet particles for Marine Fish Hatcheries

GEMMA MICRO is a patented Artemia replacement diet which represents a reliable optimised nutrition to follow on from rotifers, improving growth rates and reducing costs. GEMMA Micro is a perfect transition diet between live feeds and dry feeds which ensures maximal digestion, growth and development.

GEMMA Micro is formulated with a high percentage of soluble hydrolysed marine proteins, marine fatty acids and phospholipids as well as with optimum levels of vitamins, minerals and micro ingredients. The multiple marine protein content coupled with the unique production process results in a diet which is extremely attractive to the larvae and easily digested. As a result, enriched Artemia nauplii can be economically and successfully replaced.

GEMMA Micro is easy to use whether feeding by hand or by automated micro-feeders as it spreads readily on the water surface and sinks slowly and is available in 4 ranges. With GEMMA Micro, the weaning period is short and fry are extremely vigorous and move readily onto the next feeding phase.


Suitable for

  • Water treatment
  • Barramundi lifecycle
  • Barramundi lifecycle
  • Barramundi lifecycle
  • Barramundi lifecycle