• High levels of digestible proteins required by this carnivorous species
  • Achieve fats growth while maintaining low FCR
  • Ensures maximum digestibility, palatability and avoid any contaminant
Superior Performance Feed for Barramundi

STELLA B is a high quality floating feed range specially designed for barramundi reared in ponds from fingerling to harvest.


  • It is available under floating pellets.
  • These diets are the result of the extensive experience of Skretting in Barramundi nutrition through its global network.
  • They have been formulated to achieve fast growth and low FCR.
  • All feed ingredients are purchased from sources approved by the Skretting group.
  • Quality controls are systematically performed to ensure maximum digestibility, palatability and avoid any contaminant.

Barramundi feed stella B

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Suitable for

  • Water treatment
  • Barramundi lifecycle
  • Barramundi lifecycle
  • Barramundi lifecycle
  • Barramundi lifecycle
Barramundi being held out by a farmer

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