• Highly attractive to the fry
  • Excellent floatability
  • Helps maintain good water quality
  • Excellent larval growth
  • High quality of the fry
A complete range of micro diet particles for Marine Fish Hatcheries

GEMMA Wean is a high end larval co-feeding and weaning diet aimed at Artemia optimisation and is fortified with a high level of proteins and phospholipids. GEMMA Wean provides the early weaned juveniles with dedicated fish nutrition and is an ideal follow on from GEMMA Micro or Artemia.

GEMMA Wean has an optimised nutritional balance and physical quality so that it flows more freely and spreads readily on the water surface. The balance of phospholipid classes to- gether with the production technology based on a low temperature extrusion process improve the physical aspect of the pellets while still retaining the high phospholipid content.

GEMMA Wean is available in 0.1mm, 0.2mm and 0.3mm. There is also a 0.5mm micro-pellet, GEMMA Wean Diamond, which covers the early nursery stage from post-weaning to pre-growing.



Suitable for

  • Water treatment
  • Barramundi lifecycle
  • Barramundi lifecycle
  • Barramundi lifecycle
  • Barramundi lifecycle
Barramundi being held out by a farmer

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