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Aquafarm 2023

The sixth edition of Aquafarm, the leading exhibition and conference for sustainable aquaculture in Italy, has come to an end. Two very intense days for us at Skretting Italia, with a series of events related to the topics covered by our “Acqua in Bocca” communication kit.

Our stand was a meeting point for our customers. Watch the video to see what happened.

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1/25/2023 Partnerships

A leap forward for farmed Atlantic bluefin tuna

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3/9/2022 Sustainability

Nutreco and Skretting raise the level of transparency of marine ingredients used in aqua feeds through a new responsible sourcing policy

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Salmonid team
12/16/2021 Products

Setting your fish up for life: Skretting introduces Nutra Sprint

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50 years in business is a very important milestone, and we are proud that the journey has led us to be a global leader. Ever since the earliest days of the company as Trouw Italia first and Hendrix later, we are pioneers. 50 years later, thanks to the support of Nutreco and SHV, Skretting Italia is still a market leader...

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Sustainability Report 2021

Our Sustainabilty Report for 2021 provides details of how we’re working to address our dilemmas, highlighting the opportunities that we intend to embrace, and showing where there's clear room for improvement.  

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Sustainability: It's not just what we aspire to do, it's what we do.


Nutreco and Skretting raise the level of transparency of marine ingredients used in aqua feeds through a new responsible sourcing policy

To protect the ocean and ensuring that fish stocks intended for direct or indirect human consumption are caught within clearly defined, sustainable limits, Nutreco and Skretting have published a new responsible sourcing policy that will be used as a practical guide to decide on the type of marine ingredients that can be sourced for its global operations.

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CarbonBalance® finalist in edie Sustainability Leaders Awards 2022

We are proud to announce that CarbonBalance® by Skretting Italia has been shortlisted in the Product Innovation of the Year category of the prestigious edie Sustainability Leaders Awards 2022!

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Sustainability report banner

Accelerating the sustainable growth of aquaculture: concrete targets underpin Skretting’s sustainability strategy

Published today, Skretting’s Sustainability Report 2020 identifies some of the key initiatives undertaken to ensure that fish and shrimp producers can increasingly contribute to global food and nutritional security.

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Feed-to-food quality and safety

Our feed to food quality and safety system ensures that our customers and end consumers can have full confidence with regard to our feeds. Skretting combines the latest technology and science with the dedication of our staff to produce the highest quality feed. We do our utmost to ensure that our business operations adhere to our own strict environmental guidelines. 

How we work with quality 

Passionate about research and innovation

At Skretting, we are passionate about innovation. Our ultimate goal is to see the research we conduct implemented into innovative and sustainable solutions for the aquaculture industry.

how we innovate

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