• Circular economy
  • MicroBalance®

ALTERNA is a grower diet for marine species including by-products from the rendering industry. The use of animal by-products contributes to sustainability according to the principles of circular economy, ensuring valuable and safe resources not to be wasted.

ALTERNA comprises three different products:

  • ALTERNA BREAM, a grower diet for Gilthead seabream, formulated on a digestible nutrients basis in line with the specific requirements of this species and based on the MicroBalance® nutritional concept.
  • ALTERNA MARINE, a grower diet for marine species recommended whenever differentiated feeding by species is not possible.
  • ALTERNA LIGHT, a grower diet for marine species recommended when a fast growth is not the main target.
Sea bream

Production stage

  • Water treatment
  • Sea Bream lifecycle
  • Sea Bream lifecycle
  • Nursery
  • Grower
  • Welfare