Women in science

At Skretting AI, we have many talented scientists, and a large portion of these are female. Here, you can meet a few of them to learn what inspired them to work in science, and what this means to them. 


At Skretting AI...

Anna Hesby Nessa

Meet Anna

This is Anna, Technical Manager in Skretting AI's laboratory.

"I am responsible for the correct functioning of the laboratory's instruments and IT systems. I make sure that both work properly and give accurate results"

About her journey to become a scientist, she says: "Once when I was a teenager and had a headache, I asked my parents how medicines worked, and they couldn't give me a proper answer. I have always thought that it is fun to learn how things in nature work and are connected with each other. Therefore, I chose chemistry as a specialisation in high school. When I graduated, I decided to study pharmarcy at Tromsø University in Norway"

To children curious about science she advises: "Don't stop asking questions. Something boring can become fun once you learn more."

Meet Diana

Diana is a Researcher at Skretting AI. Watch this video to learn more about her work and what advice she has to offer to young people who are curious about science. 

Meet Marit

Marit is a NIR Data Analyst at Skretting AI. Watch the video to hear about her work and what she loves about working in science.