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Skretting sustainability performance 2019

16. Nutritional solutions launched in 2019

One of our main objectives is to develop and provide unique combinations of products, services and models that help fish and shrimp farmers globally to increase their productivity, support the health of their animals and farms, and to also minimise the environmental impacts of their operations.

In the past, a lot of our R&D efforts were focused on salmon. Through this work, we built up an extensive knowledge and detailed understanding about the nutritional needs of the species. Along the way, we have also studied the nutritional value of a wide range of raw materials and established what benefits they can offer when incorporated into aquaculture feeds.

While we serve a much wider aquaculture feed market today, a lot of the nutritional knowledge and R&D platforms that we continue to develop for salmon can also be utilised to formulate new and improved feed solutions for many other species of fish and shrimp.

In 2019, Skretting customers were able to access a number of new products, including the following solutions.

Based on extensive knowledge of tilapia nutrition, Optiline provides maximum value for tilapia farmers worldwide by allowing fast growth and low feed conversion ratio when fed at optimal feeding frequency.

Protec Tilapia is the first health diet specifically aimed at proactively supporting the production of tilapia species. This functional diet has been designed to help support the fish and enhance their ability to cope with challenging situations, including the hot summer seasons. The health parameters and survival rates of fish are consistently sustained using this solution.

MaGro is a soft-extruded pellet feed, developed specifically for Japan’s bluefin tuna farmers. With its introduction to the market, farmers no longer need to follow baitfish feeding protocols with their fish, thereby reducing the inherent biosecurity risks. Moreover, the new diet offers superior performance, easier handling logistics and improved food safety.

The overriding aim of Xpand is to provide shrimp farms with far greater levels of flexibility. In using this grower diet, and without taking any shortcuts or unnecessary risks, farmers can reduce the associated costs and impacts of farming in exposed water locations by harvesting earlier at the same size; or alternatively, they can choose produce larger sized shrimp within their usual production schedules. The physical formulation of Xpand also supports improved water quality in the grow-out phase by ensuring that more of the feed is consumed by the shrimp.

Looking ahead, Skretting is also in the process of developing a new feed concept, collectively known as RCX. These products will have a high structural integrity and
be optimised for the requirements of recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS). Designed to increase stability and reduce risk in these systems, RCX will build on our existing RAS range, including market-leading RC. Furthermore, to ensure solution consistency, all RCX-producing factories will be audited. It is our intention to rollout RCX globally, starting with North America.

New SHIELD contains specifically-selected functional ingredients that work in synergy to contribute to the ability of seabream to cope with the onset of several different health challenges. It helps maintain the structural integrity of the intestines and the gills.

AquaSim in hand


16.1 AquaSim - advancing precision farming

Utilising the comprehensive portfolio of aquaculture species’ growth and feeding models that we have built up over three decades, AquaSim is our unique suite of management tools that provides qualified references through which fish and shrimp producers can calculate their expected farm performance.

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