Protec for tilapia


  • Protec fosters the immune system of the host
  • Protec supports fish facing bacterial challenges
  • Protec stabilises the microflora of the host

Tilapia can be exposed to various challenges throughout the life cycle. Nutrition and functional feeds can play a vital role in maintaining fish health. Protec is Skretting’s prime functional feed for farmed tilapia, enhancing fish resistance and immunity.

Protec contains a complex profile of innovative functional ingredients which safeguard tilapia during challenging phases. It is based on three pillars: Shield, Support and Balance, and helps to support the natural defenses of the fish as well as support the immune system and optimise the balance between fish, microbes and environment.


The first line of defence

Skin mucus serves as a first line of defence against pathogens and external stressors. As well as acting as a physical barrier, it contributes to the antioxidant defense system responsible for protecting the surrounding and underlying tissues.

Antioxidative protection

When the fish faces a challenge, the immune cells produce free radicals, which can lead to cell damage. In challenge situations, Protec can provide cells with additional antioxidative protection.

Safeguarding the fish

Lysozymes are enzymes that form part of the innate immunity: they are an important line of defence in case of an infection because of their antibacterial activity. Lysozymes have the capacity to lyse the cell wall of bacteria. An increase in lysozyme activity has been observed in fish fed Protec.


Systemic immuno-readiness

Key immune parameters related to cell inflammation and cell repair mechanisms can be influenced by the diet. We observe that some of these parameters are increased in fish fed Protec, suggesting an improved tolerance to challenging situations and an improved response capacity from the immune system.

Support against challenges

Fish possess complex immune mechanisms. Their defences can be challenged by infectious agents, handling events (vaccination, size-grading, transfer) and environmental stress. Protec supports the critical processes of the immune system, often resulting in improved health status and reduced mortality.

Adaptive immunity

Immunoglobulins are antibodies that play a vital role in the adaptive immune response. These are produced as a response to the initial exposure to an antigen/pathogen. Fish fed Protec have higher levels of immunoglobulins which enhance their adaptive immune response.


Maintaining the balance

Protec’s primary functional ingredients work in synergy to assist tilapia health by tipping the balance in favour of the fish in the battle against hostile microbes and environmental threats.

Bacteria are always present both in the water surrounding fish and within their gut. While some can cause disease, others are beneficial for fish health. Protec promotes a healthy balance between fish and microbial communities.

Safeguarding the population

An infection outbreak has the potential to affect the entire population. Feeding Protec improves the protection of individual fish against pathogenic bacteria. Protecting individual fish also limits the spread of disease, thus helping the rest of the population.

Bacterial load reduced

Diseases occur when bacteria overwhelm the host. Protec contains a profile of functional ingredients which safeguard tilapia by reducing the bacterial burden.

Suitable for

  • Water treatment
  • Broodstock
  • Hatchery
  • Nursery
  • Grower
  • Health

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