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Innovative feed solutions for your species

Skretting has consistently developed innovative products and solutions that, over time, have evolved into production standards. Skretting feeds wholly meet the nutritional requirements of fish and shrimp throughout their lifecycle. Below, you can find a selection of our product portfolio.

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Feed with High Protein and Right Pellet size

GAMMA is a high quality feed range, designed for Whiteleg shrimp. It has a higher digestible protein as high as 38 gms which makes it nutritious for the shrimp. It is available in 8 sizes, including mini-pellets, adapted to the different life stages which help in reducing size variation.


Kuroline is an innovative and a superior quality shrimp feed range for P. monodon in intensive/semi-intensive farming conditions. This specie has a specific nutritional requirement hence all the raw materials are carefully selected basis their nutritional quality and digestibility. Further special focus has been put on sourcing highly palatable ingredients to meet the demanding regime of this species, to fasten its feeding response and to avoid wastage of feed.


Relaxx is a unique combination of natural ingredients designed to improve the disease  resistance of young and adult animals, helping them to overcome stress challenges that may  occur during the culture cycle. 


Santron is a synergistic blend of target release butyrate, short and medium chain fatty acids, slow release C12 and phenolic compound that enhances the gut health to improve performance and profitability of farms.


Functional feed at Nursery stage

LORICA is Skretting’s most advanced functional feed, for shrimp at NURSERY stage, and is designed to strengthen the shrimp before and during environmental and bacterial challenges.


AquaCare Probiotic is our latest water bioremediation product designed to support the farmer by controlling and improving water quality.


Micro Nutrition for Shrimp Larvae and Post-Larvae

White Tiger has been designed to provide larval and post larval nutrition for both Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) and black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon), from zoea – the first feeding stage of larval shrimp – through to nursery transfer.


An innovative feed solution for shrimp broodstock

VITALIS 2.5 is a standardised maturation diet for broodstock shrimp that allows the production of equal quality nauplii at every spawn.



Complete extruded Floating Starter Feed for Freshwater Fish

Micro offers complete formulae with High Crude Protein content of 42% for hatchery and nursery production of the major freshwater fish species such as Murrel, Tilapia, Catfish, and Anabas with fast growth and low feed conversion ratios.


Complete Extruded Floating Feed for Snakehead

STELLA S is a high quality extruded floating feed range specially designed for snakehead species cultured in ponds from fingerling to harvest. The diets have a high level of digestible proteins and essential amino acids following the requirements of these carnivorous species. The protein to energy ratio is optimized to achieve a fast growth while maintaining a low FCR.