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Skretting has consistently developed innovative products and solutions that, over time, have evolved into production standards. Skretting feeds wholly meet the nutritional requirements of fish and shrimp throughout their lifecycle. Below, you can find a selection of our global product portfolio.

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Rainbow trout


CLASSIC EXTRA is a low-energy grower diet for rainbow trout


FOCUS OMEGA is an harvesting diet specifically formulated to modify fatty acid profile of the fillet.


FOCUS SALMO range is specifically formulated for ensuring best fillet pigmentation of rainbow trout.


NUTRA is a range of crumble, micro- and mini-pellet starter diets for trout juveniles


Grower diets that satisfy all the nutritional needs of fish under normal conditions.


PREMIUM is our solution ensuring highest efficiency of digestible energy – Better growth with less feed.


PROTEC is a result of more than 20 years of research. PROTEC shield skin, intestine and gills, supports the immune system, and optimizes the balance between fish and its environment

Shield Trout

SHIELD TROUT is a feed designed to support trout external barriers.

Vitalis Trout

VITALIS TROUT is a diet specifically formulated for trout broodstock.

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