Skretting Aquaculture Innovation (AI): Where science meets industry

Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC) was first established in Norway in 1989, and renamed Skretting Aquaculture Innovation (AI) in 2021. Our employees work in the Norwegian headquarters, as well as in satellite research stations in Norway, Chile, Ecuador, China and Italy.

Skretting AI develops innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the needs of the rapidly changing aquaculture industry. We conduct scientific research that leads to new sustainable products and solutions, supported by digital tools and the breadth of innovation found within the Skretting business. We also invest in areas that will have medium- and long-term impact on our business activities, such as cell-based protein.

Skretting AI cultivates close relationships with academic and industry partners and is one of the best places to work for our world-class researchers and marketing experts.

Our goal is to enable Skretting to maintain our position as an industry and innovation leader and deliver on our purpose of Feeding the Future.

Skretting health team

Our people

Our diverse, highly skilled team represents almost 30 nationalities. Their expertise spans the full range of scientific and commercial know-how needed to understand our industry. They work in close collaboration with global networks across Skretting and external partners to deliver meaningful innovations that meet customer needs and contribute to a more sustainable aquaculture industry.

Our core competences

Microscopic closeup of fish gills


Understanding the nutritional needs of each species and knowing the composition and functionality of each raw material is crucial in order for us to formulate diets.

Lab worker


Our health competence plays a key role in securing fish and shrimp survival, contributing to the sustainability of the global aquaculture industry.

Worker at factory

Feed production

Our expertise on production processes and technologies enables us to create novel feed concepts, while increasing the flexibility and functionality of our diets without compromising physical quality.

Feed technolocy plant

Trial execution

Our knowledge within trial execution allows us to achieve fast and reliable test results, contributing to the development of high performance feed products. 

RAS data monitors

Analysis and data science

Our data and analytics competence supports data driven decision making. We analyse 600,000 samples annually, generating 3 million analytical results that set global standards.

The Bubble logo

Setting up for tomorrow's growth areas

An important task of our innovation work is to identify and prioritise future growth areas. For that reason, Skretting is systematically analysing trends that will have a medium- and long-term impact on our business activities. In doing so, we think beyond the boundaries of our company and examine promising research areas or fields of business not yet covered by our current portfolio. One clear example of this, is our new investment in an in-house biotechnology research lab. The Skretting Bubble is a place to test and develop radical methodologies focused on biology and biochemistry. It’s a place for our team to lead and develop the future of aquaculture research.