Our people - committed to working toward a better future

The collective experience, knowledge and talents of our people has helped us achieve considerable success while also progressing the aquaculture industry on a global scale. Our aim is to continue to build the capabilities and culture required to remain the global leader in our field. As such, we strive to be the company where the best people in the industry want to work.

We believe that social responsibility, transparency and sustainability are important for long-term viability. At Skretting, we encourage an open culture with accessible managers, and offer an international working environment with excellent development and training possibilities. Working for us is challenging, varied and rewarding. It is also where you can fulfil your true potential.

The Skretting Purpose of 'Feeding the Future' has given me a platform to help eradicate hunger in the world and play my part in this important objective. It has always been my dream to work within an organisation with directive. This is why I feel fulfilment each day in my job.

Inbound Logistics and Procurement Manager, Skretting Vietnam

Employed since 2003

"Since the time Nutreco took control of the Vietnam operation, the business has become much more professional. We now have direct access to information and knowledge from the global networks and this is greatly benefiting our local farmers and communities.

Process / Production Engineer, Skretting Nigeria

Employed since 2018

"There is a genuine commitment to the development of people and employees at Skretting and this is what drew me to the company in the first place. I have been given the opportunity to grow and develop professionally, to gain access to networking and mentoring throughout our global teams, and to follow work opportunities that challenge me to progress in my career. 

Principal Researcher - Nutrition Salmonids, Skretting ARC Stavanger

Employed since 1990

"When I joined the Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre, I had a focus on juvenile cod production. Throughout the years, I have also been researching alternatives to fish oil in aquafeeds, which has been a very exciting working area. I have been fortunate to work with innovation, and usually in collaboration with colleagues and external partners across the world. I have very much enjoyed the international collaboration within Skretting and the feeling of being part of the larger Skretting family.  

Sales Manager, Skretting Japan

Employed since 1995

Skretting has brought many state of the art techniques and products to Japanese aquaculture. I like that the company is always looking to innovate and challenge the status quo, for example the introduction of our innovative, new, low fishmeal diet. For this reason, I have enjoyed working at Skretting for such a long time.

Our people

Through sound values, Skretting makes employees feel like they belong to a professional family and making employees feel valued, we are able to work with focus and peace-of-mind towards our purpose of Feeding the Future. This long term approach to our mission allow us to overcome many immense challenges and achieve great results-

Executive Assistant to the General Manager, Skretting India

Employed since 2018

"After a few months with Skretting, I learned a lot about the brand, its employee-friendly culture, well-defined policies and the global presence. I feel happy coming to work because I feel encouraged to share my thoughts and I feel proud to be associated with the overall vision of Feeding the Future. Skretting is committed to the improvement of our society in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility activities and that makes me proud to be an employee. 

Raw Materials Coordinator, 
Skretting North America

Employed since 2018

"Our people are the most important part of the job for me and I look forward to working with them every day. I believe it is the Skretting values that allow us to truly be who we are. We have confidence to be innovative within our work and our innovation focus gives me a sense of accomplishment.


Production Manager, Skretting Ecuador

Employed since 1994

"It seems like yesterday that I started working within the Ecuador operation. Skretting has given me the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally, and implement continuous improvements and innovations, for example, the development of a new technology to produce extruded feed for shrimp.

Product Manager, Skretting Australia

Employed since 2011

"I truly enjoy working with our large variety of people, we have here at Skretting. Overall, they’re a great bunch. They are motivated, hardworking, genuine and fun-loving people, who look out for each other. This applies to my local Australian colleagues, as well as our international network. When visiting other Skretting op-cos, I have always been made to feel welcome like an old friend, which is quite special. I consider myself fortunate to have been given the opportunity to experience a company like Skretting.