myProtec for sea bass


  • Targeted product packs
  • Flexible solutions
  • Feed add-ons

myProtec offers customisable, documented health solutions targeting specific challenges to meet each farmer’s unique needs.

myProtec builds on more than three decades of health-specific R&D by the Skretting Aquaculture Research Centere (ARC), that has given us extensive knowledge and documentation on the different functional ingredients and their effect. myProtec offers more flexibility and the opportunity to adapt to specific needs. A defined set of functionalities can be combined to health packs that are added to the current grower feed. The offering differs between regions depending on the main challenges. 


myProtec offers targeted combinations for any of the following:

  • Support immune system 
  • Limit bacterial growth 
  • Limit damaging inflammation 
  • Foster parasite defence 
  • Foster sea lice defence 
  • Foster amoeba defence 
  • Increase antioxidative level 
  • Foster virus defence 
  • Support skin health 
  • Enhance mucus quality 
  • Reduce impact of stress 
  • Increase appetite
  • Promote good bacteria
  • Enhance gut structure 
  • Support liver function 
  • Support cell renewal 
  • Promote eye health  
myProtec health in your hands

Health in your hands

myProtec consist of a range of different targeted health solutions. The content and attributes are different depending of the challenges and markets. As an example, a solution target for maintaining good skin health will contain ingredients supporting skin integrity and optimal functionality.

Production stage

  • Sea Bass lifecycle
  • Sea Bass lifecycle
  • Sea Bass lifecycle
  • Sea Bass lifecycle