Skretting Turkey Certifications

At Skretting we make sure that we are always providing the best quality products, and are certified by industry standards.

Skretting Turkey is certified according to international standards ISO 9001, HALAL, Global G.A.P and Nutrace®, the internal standard of Skretting. We are committed to continuous improvement while maintaining the highest standards of quality, food safety and sustainability.

ISO 9001 - Quality Management

ISO 9001 certification confirms that Skretting's quality management system is consistent with the international standard for quality management. The certification is granted by an independent third party, which gives assurance to our customers that we have implemented the necessary internal processes to meet our obligations.

Skretting Turkey ISO 9001

EYS - Entegre Yönetim Sistemi ( Integrated Quality Management System)

This EYS Quality Policy includes all relevant issues in terms of effective quality management within Skretting Yem Üretim A.Ş.
applicable to processes and activities.

Skretting Turkey EYS Policy

Global G.A.P. - Compound Feed Manufacturing

Global G.A.P. is a voluntary certification scheme that sets standards for production processes for agricultural and aquaculture processes worldwide. The Global G.A.P. standard is primarily designed to demonstrate to consumers where the food is made, how it is produced, ensuring minimal adverse environmental impacts and worker safety.

Skretting Turkey Global Gap 2023

HALAL - Halal Certificate

Halal certification is a means by which a respected, competent and impartial body audits the production in question, confirms that production is carried out in accordance with halal standards, and accordingly gives an approved document. Along with the condition of being halal in food, health compliance and purity must also be the conditions.

With halal certification, it is ensured that acceptable food and consumable products are produced for the Muslim consumer. This includes the 1.5 billion Muslims and other millions of people in the world who prefer halal food.

Skretting Turkey Helal