Does Skretting use novel ingredients in its feeds?

Yes. Skretting is in full support of the development of novel ingredients and we have been using some of these in our diets with the support of those customers. We are proactively working towards fully understanding the complexities of all new alternatives from sustainability, nutritional, quality and safety, regulatory and financial perspectives.  For us, flexibility is essential. 

Novel ingredients are unconventional feedstuffs of plant or animal origin. Worldwide, there has been increased activity focused on the R&D of such ingredients with the aim to find new protein raw materials and alternative sources of essential omega-3 long chain fatty acids for use in aquaculture feeds. The latest technologies include microbial and insect-based protein and oil sources. Already, algae oils containing EPA and DHA and high-quality proteins based on different insect species using waste streams as resources are commercially available.

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