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Prime & Express. Faster to harvest.

Prime & Express are the next generation of feeds for post-transfer salmon. Skretting’s new grower salmon feeds enable a shorter production time in the sea, without compromising final product quantity or quality.

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Protec Gill: supporting fish health through functional nutrition

Studies by Skretting in Chile demonstrate the role that functional nutrition can play in supporting the good gill health and function.

The Chilean industry was badly affected by extensive algal blooms in 2016. Skretting subsequently undertook a number of different field studies to document the effect of Protec Gill on gill recovery and function. 

We invite you to download a summary of the main results of these validation studies that further demonstrate Protec Gill as valuable tool to support gill function and recovery. 

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Skretting's Sustainability programme - Nuterra

As an aqua feed company with a global presence, we are ideally positioned to contribute towards the development of more sustainable food production. Our Nuterra programme is designed to live up to our responsibilities and ambitions as we work towards achieving our mission of "Feeding the future". The objectives are aligned with the long-term goals of our strategy as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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The Skretting process: research, innovation and sustainability

From raw materials to high performing feed

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