Soy plant in farmers hands Soy plant in farmers hands

Vegetable protein

Reducing dependency on marine ingredients has been one of our greatest achievements so far. Years of intense research have enabled us to provide high quality sustainable feeds by introducing a diverse selection of plant-based ingredients.  Our protein options are extensive and continue evolving as technology and new crop varieties offer attractive benefits to our sector. New ingredients are considered based on physical properties, nutritional composition, volume availability and economics, as well as sustainability credentials that align with our Nutreco RoadMap 2025 ambitions. 

Additional options from vegetable-based ingredients are continuously under evaluation, so that we can identify what opportunities they can bring to our market.  Recent additions to our portfolio include an upgraded maize co-product from bio-ethanol production and a high protein barley meal.  We don’t limit our scope to non-genetically modified organisms (NGMO) ingredients, but remain aware that the acceptance of genetically modified (GM) ingredients will evolve over time, increasing our choices further.

Our research and exploration continues, conscious that we cannot be successful on our own.  Collaboration is extremely important to Skretting and identifying partners that share our values, provides confidence for future investments.  As market leaders, we welcome stakeholder participation and constructive dialogue from our value-chain. Staying abreast of future developments and driving the important conversations that enables our sector to thrive is a combined effort.

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