Skretting sustainability report 2020

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Animal health & welfare

A holistic approach based on farm, feeds and health management

The World Health Organisation (WHO) cites antimicrobial resistance (AMR) as an increasingly serious threat to global public health, and it has been urging the implementation of coordinated action plans across all levels of society to slow its acceleration.

While Skretting does not add any antibiotics to our feeds unless requested by a customer and with the appropriate veterinary documentation, with the knowledge that the overuse of antibiotics in animal production contributes to AMR, Skretting advocates for a substantial reduction in farming’s reliance on antimicrobial medication. Indeed, at the highest levels, we have been making the case for adopting a holistic approach based on farm, feeds and health management as a means to significantly reduce antibiotics on a global scale. Skretting has also provided conclusive evidence that such a proactive approach can improve animal welfare while improving productivity.

In addition to general nutrition, the application of functional ingredients in aquaculture feeds provides preventive health benefits that improve the tolerance of fish and shrimp to challenges such as disease and stress. The central role that such diets have in aquaculture health management and limiting the requirement for antimicrobial medications.

Skretting has unmatched experience in the field of health diets for aquaculture.

Skretting has unmatched experience in the field of health diets for aquaculture. Proactive in-feed solutions have been a key focus theme for Skretting ARC health R&D for the last three decades. We began working in this area in 1989 and launched the world’s first fish health feed in 1992. This breakthrough diet proved that formulating diets with specific ingredients could result in stronger, more robust animals that are better equipped to deal with disease challenges. The investment in R&D has led to a stream of innovative health solutions for the global aquaculture industry.

Despite considerable advancements in functional health, it is important to recognise that the considered use of antibiotics remains in the interests of human health and also for animal health and welfare. Broader health management however is essential, comprising strategies like optimised genetics, vaccination, biosecurity, physical pathogen control, low-stress handling and functional feeds.

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