• Dust free ensures clean water
  • Highly digestible and stable diet
  • Enhanced gut digestion, mucus production and fish pigmentation

The CLEAN diet range consists of a variety of sizes from start feeding until transfer (0.1mm to 1.8mm), formulated with highly specific raw materials for functional purposes and optimised balance for fast growth, boosting health and physical quality.

The CLEAN product range

CLEAN Start, a co-feeding weaning diet for lumpfish larvae

CLEAN Assist, a pre-growing diet for lumpfish juveniles

Vitalis CLEAN, an innovative feed for lumpfish broodstock

Our CLEAN and Vitalis diets contain specific immune promoting natural functional ingredients that promote improved mucus production and quality which together help to shield skin, gut and gills.

Health benefits

Immune stimulation - Handling, transfers, environmental stress and infectious agents constantly challenge the immune system of lumpfish. CLEAN contains specific immune promoting natural functional ingredients that promote improved mucus production quality which together help to shield skin, gut and gills. It supports immune functions while limiting oxidative stress and throughout this optimises the balance between fish, microbes and environment.

Infection protection - A fortified immune system can assist to protect against pathogenic bacteria and virus. It not only improves the viability of each individual, but reduces the potential of infecting the whole group. This concept reduces the epidemic potential of an infection outbreak and helps strengthen these essential barriers to support the optimal well-being of lumpfish juveniles.

Feeding recommendations

Lumpfish are very selective, and will only eat feed with appropriate taste and texture. Skretting has developed a customised diet for lumpfish, with high digestibility, high protein levels, low fat levels, and functional ingredients to promote health. The feeding regime requires no Artemia. Skretting recommends continuous feeding up to 1-2 grams, followed by set meals.

Suitable for

  • Lumpfish lifecycle
  • Lumpfish lifecycle
  • Lumpfish lifecycle
  • Lumpfish lifecycle
  • Lumpfish lifecycle

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Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is an accurate and rapid analysis method that is well suited for quantitative determination of nutrients in feed ingredients and feed.

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For us in Skretting, it's essential to increase the transparency and traceability of food production along the supply chain. Our feed to food quality and safety system ensures that our customers and end consumers can have full confidence with regard to our feeds. Combining the latest technology and science with the dedication of our staff to produce the highest quality feed, we do our utmost to ensure that our business operations adhere to our own strict environmental guidelines. 

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