Elevia for whiteleg shrimp


  • Improved larval performance
  • Support cleaner systems
  • Rethinking feed management

Elevia is an innovative patented feeding program from Skretting, engineered to offer superior nutrition and water quality in shrimp hatcheries and nurseries. Elevia can be complimented with the use of fresh algae and artemia during the hatchery phase.

Elevia has been formulated to replicate the natural feeding diversity of marine shrimp larvae in nature with a specific blend of hydrolysed marine proteins, phospholipids, marine algae, astaxanthin vitamins & minerals. The diet is produced using a complex low temperature process which focuses on optimal freshness, uniform size distribution and water stability.

Elevia can be fed from Zoea stages until pre-growing stages.

About Elevia

An illustration of artemi

Diminishing artemia usage

Elevia completely replaces the need for dark flakes and offers the possibility to diminish artemia use.

A photo of yellow oil drops

No fish oil

Elevia is the first shrimp hatchery diet ever to be formulated and produced without the use of fish oils. All essential fatty acids are derived from sustainably produced microalgae.

A picture of water

Free flowing

Shrimp hatcheries are high humidity environments. Micro diets have a tendency to become sticky and lose their free flowability. Elevia remains free flowing and easy to disperse.

Suitable for

  • Water treatment
  • Broodstock
  • Hatchery
  • Nursery
  • Grower
  • Health