GEMMA Neo for yellowtail


  • Maintains optimal water quality during larval rearing
  • Hydrophobic, free flowing diet that will not block feeders
  • Fast diet uptake leading to faster weaning
  • Easy to see diet in larval digestive tract
  • Inspired by nature; diverse range of marine proteins and zooplankton reflecting the natural diversity of larval nutrition
  • Flexibility; Simplified diet management and adaptable weaning program

GEMMA Neo is an innovative feeding program from Skretting, engineered to offer superior nutrition and water quality in yellowtail hatcheries larval rearing and post weaning.

GEMMA Neo has been formulated to replicate the natural feeding diversity of marine fish larvae in nature with a specific blend of hydrolysed marine proteins, phospholipids, marine algae, astaxanthin, vitamins & minerals.

GEMMA Neo is the first diet to be formulated with cellular encapsulation technology. The diet is produced using a complex low temperature process which focuses on optimal freshness, uniform size distribution and water stability.

GEMMA Neo offers the possibility to tailor co-feeding and weaning programs to hatchery needs.


GEMMA Neo is currently available in Europe, USA, Indonesia and Turkey.

Suitable for

  • Meagre lifecycle
  • Meagre lifecycle
  • Meagre lifecycle
  • Meagre lifecycle
  • Meagre lifecycle

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