• Optimal uptake, encapsulation and retention by the live prey
  • Cleaner, more efficient and more reliable cultures and enrichments
  • Optimised nutritional profile

ORI is a complete range of culture and enrichment products for live feeds formulated with highly balanced nutritional components to allow optimal uptake, encapsulation and retention.

ORI products are unique and have been developed with advanced processing technology to ensure cleaner, more efficient and more reliable cultures and enrichments.

ORI comprises four different products:

  • ORI-ONE, a combined culture and enrichment product for rotifers
  • ORI-GREEN, an enrichment product for live feed
  • ORI-GOLD, an enrichment product for artemia
  • ORI-N3, an innovative DHA enrichment for artemia

Suitable for

  • Water treatment
  • Sea Bass lifecycle
  • Sea Bass lifecycle
  • Sea Bass lifecycle
  • Sea Bass lifecycle
  • Sea Bass lifecycle