RAS technical guidance

RAS farms are increasingly being introduced all over the world for the farming of a variety of aquatic species in more controlled settings. These intensive, usually indoor, tank-based systems deploy precise environmental controls to grow-out fish and shrimp within their normal climatic range, thereby allowing operators to prioritise production goals linked to market, regulatory parameters and resource availability.  At Skretting, we focus on developing high-quality feeds and services, and also actively seek to assist our customers with their RAS production.

RAS Lerang

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Our RAS technical guidance aims to help our new and existing customers navigate potential issues with RAS and to also provide an easy, up-to-date way to access public information from a variety of sources. 

We focus on the four main pillars of our RecircReady concept:

  1. Feed Solutions
  2. Growth and Waste modelling
  3. Fish and System Health 
  4. Nutrient Recycling 

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