2016 Sustainability Report published

Skretting Sustainability Report 2016 cover

Throughout 2016, Skretting made good progress against its sustainability objectives. This work was supported through the launch of Nuterra, our new group-wide sustainability programme.

Aligned with and contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Nuterra sets out a more focused sustainability strategy and provides the tools necessary to implement it throughout our entire organisation. The new programme also makes it easier for us to package sustainability in a practical way that provides the most value for our customers.

Skretting and parent company Nutreco have a long tradition of transparent reporting. Indeed it is something we take great pride in. New in the 2016 Sustainability Report and in line with the Nuterra programme, we provide specific case studies that demonstrate the sustainability attributes of Skretting’s highly innovative nutritional solutions and some of the regions and sectors around the world where we are making a real difference.

As well as highlighting the specific SDGs that are being addressed by each of the Nuterra programme’s four pillars: Nutritional Solutions, Ingredients, Operations and Commitment, the report is explicitly linked to our Mission of ‘Feeding the Future’, thereby providing insight into how we are contributing to meeting the rising food needs of a fast growing global population in a sustainable manner.

Skretting’s 2016 Sustainability Report was drafted according to the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards. The report was awarded with third-party assurance by independent auditors, confirming our continued commitment to sustainability reporting, accountability and transparency.

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