Skretting Chile launches third cycle of Fish Great Talks

To continue expanding the vision of the national aquaculture industry, Skretting Chile has announced a new cycle of FISH Great Talks (FGT), focused on providing a space for conversation to generate innovative solutions for the main issues of national aquaculture.

This year, the event is a hybrid format that will be broadcasted by streaming. Guests include  important international experts and representatives of sponsors DSM, Hendrix Genetics and Scale AQ.

The first of five events is scheduled for Thursday 22 April, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The FISH Great Talks project was born three years ago, and is a series where guests address the new wave of biotechnology and artificial intelligence, plus the development of science and digital transformation that can impact aquaculture and beyond.

The first event is scheduled for  Thursday 22 April and will be attended by Ronald Barlow, General Manager of Skretting Chile, and Joost Matthijssen, Venturing Director of Nutreco, parent company of Skretting. The discussion will be on the importance of collaboration and the support the multinational provides to start-ups that work with innovation to solve the challenges of aquaculture.

“This year, we continue an event that allows industry players to think outside the box, thinking about the main challenges and the new scenario that we face in a world that is in constant movement - pushing us to continue looking for innovative solutions, be environmentally friendly and highly committed to all the actors in the production chain,” says Ronald Barlow. "We are proud to have the commitment and enthusiasm of important representatives of the aquaculture sector - international companies with a long history that are committed to innovation and collaboration to deliver knowledge and development to the local industry."

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