Skretting combining intelligent tools to deliver optimised solutions and proactive on-site support

  • Digital tools enable Skretting to capture data, translate these data into real time scenarios
  • Data generated with remote vehicles and drones ensure Skretting continues to deliver optimised real time actionable insight to customers

Remote-controlled underwater vehicles (ROVs) are contributing to Skretting's services to customers, allowing instantaneous monitoring of different environmental parameters, such as temperature and oxygen levels of water at different depths, in order to detect anomalies in advance and consequently develop an early response that will prevent losses in the water.

The most recent addition to Skretting's service offering is a project with Nido Robotics, a tech company based in the Science Park of Murcia, Spain. This was announced recently in Lorca, Spain during a meeting with 80% of the producers of seabass and sea bream in fish farm. The ROVs will produce underwater recordings of high resolution digital video. Skretting Spain is also employing drone services for aerial inspection.

"This service is mainly focused on optimising the feeding process, but it will also allow us to detect possible pathologies or anomalous situations in the farms, and to alert the client to enable an early response to an potential challenge" says Juan Antonio González, Models and Services Manager for Skretting Southern Europe.
The use of this technology in Spain is another step forward after the successful implementation of ROVs and drones in Chile.

"We regularly use drones to clarify specific questions, and cross check information regarding appetite or FCR," says Rodrigo González, Information Product Manager for Skretting Chile. "The ROVs we use analyse behaviour inside pens and feeding shoals to detect any anomalies in fish behaviour. This means that we can offer relevant information to our customers in a timely way. We currently work with 12 customers using ocean pens."

A key part of Skretting AquaSim

"We expect ROVs to become a key part of our AquaSim services, combining biology, quality and economy to develop diets or production models according to each fish," says Kristoffer Tveit, Skretting International Product Manager. "Data provided by ROVs, aerial drones and submarine drones are fundamental to shaping growth and forecast models, since they will be supported in the surrounding conditions and in the cost-benefit evaluations of the different farming situations," continues Tveit. "Although the acquisition and use of common technology is not necessarily an achievement, the added value lies in the ability to deliver a correct reading of data that allows us to provide comprehensive advice to our customers."

Skretting is committed to leading digitalisation of the aquaculture industry, using a combination of investment and existing tools to optimise farming production and therefore product efficiency. Global networks ensure that knowledge and best practice is shared. "Beyond any commercial strategy and the use of cutting edge technologies, what we deliver is the commitment and constant support that allows our customers to execute the best feed and health strategies, in a sustainable way," says Tveit.

Precision farming

Based upon appraisals of the farming environment and each farm's production targets, we provide a number of recommendations, including the most cost-effective stocking patterns, feed selection and feeding strategy to enable farmers to achieve their desired results.

About precision farming

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