Welcome to the Feed Iceberg!

Illustration of feed pellets floating in water with a dark blue sky above
28 February 2023

In the coming weeks, Skretting is proud to present The Feed Iceberg, a campaign to live up to our promise of speaking outside of the aquaculture bubble, to reach a wider audience and educate about the role that aquaculture plays in the sustainable food systems of the future.

There is a lot of outdated information still in circulation about feed, but the industry, and Skretting, has made huge breakthroughs along the way.  One of Skretting’s ambitions is to make sure that we are transparent and accountable in what we do, so that consumers can feel secure in buying and eating farmed fish and shrimp.

Why the ‘Feed iceberg’?

In the same way that 90% of an iceberg is hidden below the waterline, almost all the value of feed is not visible to the naked eye. We want to change that. The humble pellet exterior hides decades of boundary-breaking scientific research and development, partnered with practical commercial application – all pointed towards making aqua farming more available, sustainable, productive and valuable.

An illustration of a feed pellet bobbing in water

Keep an eye out

We’d love your comments, questions and feedback as we take the journey below the surface.

Join us!

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