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Accelerating food sustainability: FEED-X Finalists Day to take place on 17 September in London

The purpose of FEED-X is to remove the barriers to sustainably fed, affordable food by 2030 through fast-tracking the scaling up of sustainable innovations in the sector. On 17 September, 18 shortlisted innovators will have the opportunity to present their innovation to an esteemed panel of judges.

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Xpand: The gateway innovation to maximise shrimp farm performance and flexibility

Launching globally from Summer 2019, Skretting’s new grower diet exploits the full growth potential of shrimp, providing proactive farmers with the ability to further enhance their operations 

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Giving back: Skretting Vietnam gets kids to school

For the ninth year in a row, 
Skretting Vietnam has been running the 'Skretting gets kids to school' programme. This year the team delivered nearly 1200 gift packs to children in more than 10 farming provinces nationwide, together with local government officers, customers, teachers and pupils.

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The fires in the Amazon are a concern for Skretting – and the planet

The last weeks have seen a marked increase in the number of fires in the Amazon. The fires are now so severe that fire and smoke can be detected from space.

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Skretting combining intelligent tools to deliver optimised solutions and proactive on-site support

Digital tools enable Skretting to capture data, and translate these data into real time scenarios. Data generated with remote vehicles and drones ensure Skretting continues to deliver optimised real time actionable insight to customers.


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Skretting Sustainability Report highlights wins and challenges in 2018

A strong focus on the development and implementation of novel raw materials for commercial use in nutritional solutions, together with progress towards well-defined sustainability ambitions and aspirations that are aligned with a long-term strategy and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are some of the highlights presented in Skretting’s Sustainability Report 2018.

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