Sustainability report 

Skretting sustainability performance 2019

Sustainability report 2019

Skretting has a longstanding commitment to reporting progress on our sustainability journey. We have been issuing sustainability reports since 1999. Our first reports were compiled by Skretting Norway, and since 2013, we have also been reporting on our global business activities. Our sustainability initiatives are closely linked to our business operations and priorities.

It is our ambition to be the leading partner in driving the journey towards an even more sustainable industry
Therese Log Bergjord, CEO Skretting
Therese Log Bergjord

From our CEO

Welcome to Skretting’s Sustainability Report 2019. Its arrival comes at what is a very critical time. COVID-19 has taken us all down a pathway that few could have ever imagined, and the likelihood is that the post-pandemic world will be very different to the one that we knew before the crisis began, reinforcing the fact that we need to be aware of not only our environmental, but also our social responsibilities.

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1. From our CEO
2. Our ambitions
3. Putting it into context
4. Transparency & trust
5. The footprint of feed
6. The footprint of our operations
7. Caring for people
8. Human rights
9. Caring for community
10. Planetary challenges
11. Deforestation
12. Committed to the ocean
13. The origin of our ingredients
14. Responsible sourcing
15. Innovation and sustainability
16. Nutritional solutions launched in 2019
17. About Skretting