The world business conference on aquaculture

Convening again in Stavanger, Norway, June 2024

2024 will mark the 15th edition of AquaVision

AquaVision logo small.pngAquaVision is the world’s premier aquaculture business conference, with a focused program touching the most relevant topics within the industry. AquaVision attracts a diverse range of stakeholders to Stavanger every two years. The conference, organised by Skretting and its parent company Nutreco since 1996, has established itself as an important meeting place for some 450 participants each year from more than 40 countries.

Keynote speaker 2022

Professor Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Prize winning economist, was the keynote speaker at AquaVision 2022.  

"If we don’t commit to be green there will be an effect on climate change and that will make food more expensive. Our society is going to pay the cost one way or another – we need to take actions early and prevent what will happen if we don’t."

Program & speakers 2022

Stories on AquaVision

12 August 2022

The value of RAS

There are multiple reasons why recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) are being seen as the way forward for farmed fish production, according to Sten Falkum of Norwegian trout farming company Hima Seafood.

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9 August 2022

Sharing the story: Sustainable seafood DOES exist

While sustainable seafood has much to offer people in terms of healthy and affordable food, and despite the introduction of many successful endeavours in recent times, the industry is still largely failing to properly connect with many consumer groups, heard AquaVision 2022.

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8 August 2022

IKEA: Sustainability requires access and availability for all

Although IKEA is best known for selling furniture, the company’s food business has also grown at a rapid rate – following the same democratic design model that champions function, quality, price, form, and sustainability to meet its overriding objective to provide customers with well-balanced, delicious offerings at an affordable price.

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