David Blakemore, CEO-elect, Nutreco

David Blakemore joined Nutreco in 2022 as CEO of Trouw Nutrition, the company’s livestock feed business line, and member of Nutreco’s Management Board. From June 1, 2024, he will take over as CEO of Nutreco. He has over 30 years of experience nurturing customer relationships, driving the commercial and innovation agendas and guiding operations and has established a strong track record of delivering results and building strong teams.

During his career, David has held numerous leadership positions in the livestock and agribusiness sectors. Before joining Nutreco, David served as DSM’s President Animal Nutrition & Health and as a member of its Nutritional Products Executive Leadership Team and DSM Leadership Team. While at DSM, David led the operational business to deliver record-setting top- and bottom-line results and guided the development and launch of several innovations into the commercial marketplace. He created an ambitious strategy and led an organisational and cultural transformation towards more commercial discipline in the business.

Prior to that, David spent worked for The Dow Chemical Company, and spent much of his career in the corporation’s agriculture chemicals division at Dow AgroSciences. David worked in manufacturing, operations and various commodity and specialty businesses, held global and regional senior leadership positions in multiple geographies and served on the Corporate Executive Committee.

A U.S. national who earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering at Texas Tech University, David has lived and worked in the United States, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico and Switzerland and is now living in the Netherlands. 

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