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Digital solutions to enable precision farming

20 years of research at your fingertips

Our powerful AquaSim suite offers advanced forecasting and analysis for fish and shrimp farmers to optimise farm performance and provide tailored advice. 

Precision farming in practice: Skretting 360+

Based upon appraisals of the farming environment and each farm's production targets, we provide a number of recommendations, including the most cost-effective stocking patterns, feed selection and feeding strategy to enable farmers to achieve their desired results.

Precision farming in practice

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Customers using Eruvaka in Ecuador

Advanced modelling and forecasting

The development process for AquaSim began 20 years ago, when Skretting generated growth models for salmon and other fish species. In the last 5 years, we have been developing the concept further for shrimp based on research, experimentation and validation.

We have established a comprehensive portfolio of models for the large number of species that we supply feeds for. The purpose of these models is to forecast how fish and shrimp will perform in their surrounding conditions and to give cost-benefit evaluations for different farming situations

Maximising efficiency and optimising farm performance

Our AquaSim tools are well established for many species of fish and shrimp, and provide tools based on three criteria: biology, quality and economics. The models are easy to use and require custom inputs from the farmer, including farm dimensions, stocking plan, feed and feeding regime as well as water quality parameters.

From these inputs, a range of data can be obtained, from harvest dates to feed selection, making AquaSim an essential tool for efficient planning, forecasting and benchmarking.

Over the years, we have developed numerous models to help optimise farm performance. The growth model for instance, is based on body weight, and calibrated using commercial farming data. The FCR model provides a biological FCR based on body weight. Each Skretting diet has a unique FCR model, based on research done by Skretting Acuaculture Innovation (AI), which tests all raw materials and diets both in the lab and under field conditions.

Tuna farm at sea in Japan

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