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AquaSim manual

Combining years of research trials and real world farming data, AquaSim offers clear overview of daily and the full cycle of production, precise feed forecast and useful benchmarking tools to help farmers around the world to achieve optimal results. Check out this manual to maximise the benefits of the AquaSim functionalities, and please contact your local representative or AquaSim support emailbox for any question or comment. Skretting users could also find more information at AquaSim SharePoint site.

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Before arriving at the AquaSim portal, please read and accept the disclaimers applicable to your country. There are many useful functionalities in AquaSim, please check with your Skretting representative to see if you have access to them.

AquaSim manual chapters

My site
Feed setup
Simulation graphs
Actuals graphs
Daily feeding
Feed prognosis
Data analysis
Import/export actuals
Shrimp economics
Feeder configurator