Skretting sustainability report 2020

Our migration towards a more sustainable future

Our role and operations

In 2020 Skretting produced 2.3 million tonnes of aquaculture feed. Sales were the highest in Americas and Europe. The turnover of the Skretting Division in 2020 was 2.5 billion euros.

Skretting has 3,483 full time employees. Eighty-one percent of the full-time employees are men and 19 % are women. The number of employees is down by 18 from 2019. Skretting employs people from 61 nations and the average age is 39.

Number of employees and gender in the different geographical regions

45% Americas
34% Europe
10% Asia
6% Africa
5% Oceania

Where we operate

Map of where we operate

Our research and validation stations

Our research and validation stations

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