• Good growth
  • Good feed quality
  • Good fish health

Wrasse is an effective tool against salmon lice, and has traditionally come from fisheries. In recent years, the production of farmed wrasse has increased. After years of R&D we now have a feed that's specially adapted to the needs of farmed wrasse. CLEAN Labrus is an easily digestible feed that meets the nutritional needs of wrasse for good growth, while maintaining fish health and welfare.

To hunt sea lice, you need to be healthy

CLEAN Labrus contains ingredients that mobilises the immune system and supports the external and internal barriers against pathogenic microorganisms. In addition, the feed is rich in vitamins, minerals, easily digestible raw materials and antioxidants. To ensure that the fish get these vital nutrients, it is important that the feed is attractive. We therefore use a high proportion of marine raw materials such as fishmeal, krill meal and copepod hydrolysate. By maintaining a good nutritional status, the fish will be better equipped to handle challenges, while having the energy to perform their important role more effectively. CLEAN Labrus is available in the following pellet sizes: 0.8| 1.0|1.2|1.5 |1.8

Feeding recommendations

Start feeding CLEAN Labrus from the size of 0.5g. Feed continuously by daylight, adapted to the biomass in the tank. Monitor the distribution of fish in the tank. Good feed allocation will reduce stress and clumping behavior. Avoid overfeeding as this can lead to poor water quality and health problems for the fish.


Clean Labrus is currently available in Norway. 

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Illustration image good growth with feed for rock gilt
Better growth

Trials document that wrasse fed with CLEAN Labrus arrive at the desired weight faster than control feed. This enables increased production optimisation.

Illustration of good health with feed for rock gilt
Improved health & welfare

The health of the fish is crucial in the testing of new feeds. In trials, analyses of the intestines, liver and skeleton were performed. The results show good liver and intestinal health, as well as good bone mineralisation and few deformities. Trials also show better survival in the fish fed with CLEAN Labrus.

Illustration image Good feed quality for rock gilt
Improved feed quality

CLEAN Labrus is a micropellet with an even pellet size that distributes well in the tank. Sinking speed and water stability are adapted to typical conditions in wrasse tanks.

Suitable for

  • Larvae
  • Juveniles
  • Maintenance