GEMMA for catfish


  • Fast & efficient growth
  • Low feed conversion

The GEMMA range of products has been specifically formulated and developed to facilitate the weaning and pre-growing of catfish larvae and juveniles.

They are produced with a sophisticated technological process which improves the digestive and metabolisable properties of the feeds for enhanced weaning and fry quality.

The GEMMA range comprises four different products:

  • GEMMA Micro, an early weaning diet
  • GEMMA Wean, a co-feed and weaning diet
  • GEMMA Diamond, a pre-growing diet; and
  • GEMMA Silk, a slow sinking pre-growing diet

Suitable for

  • Water treatment
  • Broodstock
  • African Catfish Lifecycle
  • African Catfish Lifecycle
  • African Catfish Lifecycle