Optiline for catfish

Optimised African Catfish nutrition for efficient production based on current knowledge of:

  • Crude Protein
  • Gross Energy
  • Total Phosphorus

Optiline for catfish: Tailored Nutrition for Efficient Growth

Discover Optiline Catfish, the result of years of dedicated research and development by Skretting. This specialised feed is meticulously designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of African catfish, ensuring not only cost efficiency in production but also optimal growth through the right feed and feeding schedule.

Benefit from a comprehensive solution that covers the entire growth range of African catfish, from 40g to 1.5kg. Optiline Catfish delivers consistent and optimized nutrients at every stage of development, supporting the fish's efficient growth while minimizing waste. With a focus on cost-effectiveness, this feed is formulated to provide the right balance of protein, energy, and phosphorous, meeting the increasing demand in the aquaculture sector for higher growth rates with a lower feed conversion ratio.

Optiline Catfish reflects Skretting's commitment to providing a tailored and cost-effective solution for the optimal development of African catfish.

Optiline catfish feedback mockup

Suitable for

  • Water treatment
  • Broodstock
  • African Catfish Lifecycle
  • African Catfish Lifecycle
  • African Catfish Lifecycle