Nutra RC for rainbow trout


  • Improved water quality, low turbidity
  • Excellent fish growth and lower FCR
  • Increased drum filter efficiency
  • Reduces load on bio-filter
  • Reduces phosphorus and nitrogen discharge

Nutra RC is our proven freshwater salmonid feed for use in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS).

Nutra RC is specifically designed to optimise the performance of recirculation systems without compromising fish pure systems. With patented ingredients Nutra RC binds faecal matter, making it easier to filter and remove solid waste particles which also reduces fecal leaching and lowers the load on bio-filters. As water quality is improved, fish health is optimised and the production capacity of the hatchery may be increased. While Nutra RC has many benefits for recirculation systems, it also improves water quality in conventional flow-through hatcheries.

Suitable for

  • Water treatment
  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Transfer
  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Salmonid lifecycle
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Skretting is the market leader for diets specifically designed for Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). RAS are land-based aquaculture facilities that reuse water by cycling it through a filtration system so it can be used again.

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