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Therese Log Bergjord at AquaVision 2022
1 February 2024 Events

AquaVision 2024 - Embracing the future of blue food

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12 August 2022 Events

The value of RAS

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9 August 2022 Events

Sharing the story: Sustainable seafood DOES exist

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8 August 2022 Events

IKEA: Sustainability requires access and availability for all

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Siri Tømmerås
4 August 2022 Events

Land-based farming success – it’s all down to science

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Jorge Diaz
1 August 2022 Events

Aquaculture has its challenges. But we have solutions

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27 July 2022 Events

Tapping into the finance that’s essential to seafood’s future

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25 July 2022 Events

Kenyan aquaculture best advanced through local focus

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20 July 2022 Events

Huge domestic opportunity for India’s shrimp

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Gabriel Luna
18 July 2022 Events

No slowdown in sight for Ecuadorian shrimp

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Kristine Hartmann
14 July 2022 Events

SalMar Aker Ocean: Offshore salmon farming can fill the demand void

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11 July 2022 Events

AquaVision 2022: Better collaboration is key to global security

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