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12 October 2021 Community development

A consistent SUCCESS for Vietnamese aquaculture

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Xpand shrimp
20 May 2021 Products

Xpand: Skretting's gateway innovation to maximise shrimp farm performance and flexibility set to launch in Latin America

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4 March 2021 Investments

Skretting invests $US6.1 million in construction of new shrimp research facility in Ecuador

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Xpand shrimp
9 September 2019 Innovation

Xpand: The gateway innovation to maximise shrimp farm performance and flexibility

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13 February 2019 Sustainability

Hendrix Genetics and Nutreco partner to deliver sustainable shrimp solutions in Ecuador

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AquaCulture Expo, Surat
10 January 2019 Investments

Local investment and Skretting expertise to boost Indian aquaculture

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Shrimp farm
4 July 2018 Investments

Nutreco invests in ViAqua to combat disease in the shrimp market

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Skretting 360+
29 June 2018 Precision farming

Skretting Ecuador teams with shrimp farmers to deliver maximum profit

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2 May 2018 Investments

Skretting's parent company, Nutreco, takes share in IoT start-up Eruvaka to help shrimp farmers increase productivity

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Therese Log Bergjord at SSP launch
20 March 2018 Sustainability

Skretting CEO keynote speaker at launch of sustainable shrimp initiative

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Ecuador plant plan
7 July 2017 Investments

New Skretting Ecuador feed plant to support shrimp farming growth

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Shrimp in hands
24 May 2017 Shrimp

Supporting a new, golden age of aquaculture in Central America

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